Galaxy Leggings

    Galaxy Leggings!!!! Llegan mas la semana que viene a Unicornio Azul!



This Mimi-Licious top is my favorite. I couldn't stop staring at it after I got it.
Esta camisa Mimi-Licious ya llego a Unicornio Azul!!! Buscala antes que se acaben.



The Heart Cutout Top

Get this mimi-licious heart cutout top today online! Also available currently at Unicornio Azul

Sunny Days

Love the Mimi-Licious arm party and POW necklace plus sunnies. Get it all also at Unicornio Azul


Mickey or Gaga ?

Get them ONLINE NOW! Soon all will be available at Unicornio Azul: Velvet Blazer, Full Turban and Sunglasses! CLICK READ MORE for more pictures



Get it all online NOW!!! Soon also all available at Unicornio Azul 
CLICK READ MORE for more pics


It's a Private Paty

Celine Paris T-shirt, Unicornio Azul jacket, Mimi-Licious pants, and the entire set of bracelets are available online and will also soon arrive to Unicornio Azul in Caracas!


Peplum Love

There is nothing as feminine as a Peplum top... Pair it up with some Baroque print leggings and your a sight for sore eyes... This is all available online, get them before they sell out!!! These items will also be available at Unicornio Azul. The Golden Bead chocker is also available in both stores, and definitely gives this outfit the final touch it needed.
NOTE* This peplum top is PU leather.

Unicornio Azul

FINALLY!!! The day has come... If you live in Caracas, Venezuela you probably know what I mean. Our shop, Unicornio Azul will re-open after being closed for christmas break!!! So many beauties will be available tomorrow. We open at 10:30am and I would recommend getting there no later than that!!!
Good luck, have fun little Unicorns!
POR FIN!!! El día ha llegado... Si vives en Caracas, Venezuela sabes a lo que me refiero. Nuestratienda, Unicornio Azul abre sus puertas nuevamente después de haber cerrado por vacaciones de Diciembre!!! Habrán tantas cosas bellas. Abrimos a las 10:30 am y yo les recomiendo llegar a esa hora!!!
Suerte,  que se diviertan Unicornios! 

Instagram: @unicornio_azul (Venezuela Store) @mimi_licious1 (Online Store) FOLLOW!

Galaxy Lover

Click Read more to see more pictures of this look and to learn where to find these items!



Unicornio Azul

The Caracas, Venezuela shop UNICORNIO AZUL re-opens Monday, January 28th! So many new surprises to come!!!



Bake in the Sun Like a Unicorn

   Now that Christmas is over, lets be done with surprises... All of this is available online! Sunglasses, Tops, Rings, Bracelets, Turbans. Also, everything will be available for purchase at Unicornio Azul, CARACAS, VENEZUELA by the ends of January. Don't miss out! Peace.


Tokyo Balenciaga Tee and Sci-Fi Sweater

Balenciaga sweater, Mimi-Licious Sunglasses, Valentino Black Bag, T by Alexander Wang "Paneled Silk Blouse", Moschino Cheap and Chic scallop-trimmed crepe pants, Giuseppe Zanotti Suede peep-toe platform ankle boots.  

Obsessed with Balenciaga's Sci-Fi collection!! EGYPTO-FUNK!
Check it out here!


Dresses for life

In order: 
Mary Katrantzou Expandit printed silk satin-twill dress, Herve Leger Metallic-coated bandage flared dress, Camilla and Marc Wren georette and brocade backless dress, Versus Sequined Jersey Dress,


Dear Kim...

This post was inspired by that one person that we all know fills brains with a false reality of the world and epitomizes american consumerism... This is true to such extent, that with simply mentioning the first three letters of her name, you all know who I am talking about... While browsing through instagram I stumbled upon a comment a girl had left on the Man Repeller asking her, "why are you famous? Is it a Kardashian thingy?" Word for word... I couldn't stop myself from bluntly staring at that comment while I digested it slowly... This innocent instragramer's ignorant question was nothing but an example of a mass expression; we let ourselves be fed (many, not all). We swallow and follow what is thrown out to us as "exciting"... even if what we are thrown at is the result of a powerful business women who managed to exploit her talentless daughters from scratch (or well, indecent behaviors I guess). I am not the type of person to write opinions of people in this manner, and I also respect those whom have grown found of this individual. I would lie if I said I haven't watched my share of "keeping up with the kardashians" every now and then... But it was that comment from that girl that set off a tiny but powerful explosion of disgust inside me. The absurdity, in my opinion, that someone so inspiring and talented be less recognized than someone who has nothing (appropriate) to show for their fame was so... disappointing... But it's reality. In any case, at least now Kimmy finally does seem to have somewhat of a purpose. After pairing up with Kanye and becoming his personal barbie doll, dressed by his stylists with impeccable outfits, she at least now can serve as a (somewhat) pleasant sight to see. Again, thanks to instagram I caught sight of her halloween costume and this gorgeous Alice and Olivia green dress reminded me much of her mermaid fish tail that hugged her curves. Not only do I love the colors, but the fact that this long dress is peplum makes me shiver. As usual, I created an outfit around this spectacle... Which includes this fantastic Amadeo ring called the Lava, agate and diamond skull cameo. I mean, it's only $3,035 (FAAACKKKK), and this majestic Dannijo Vala, looking like if it were made for a princess. Finally, last but not least a marvelous delicate Bottega Veneta Intrecciato satin knot clutch, voilaaaa. Now we all just need an event.


Halloween Fun Bun

Everyone has their own opinion on halloween... Some hate it, some get anxious-clamy-sweaty hands just from thinking of it, some even go on crash diets to fit in their mini winnie sluttereeen suits that they excusably wear once a year. For me, halloween also represents that non-judgemental-one-night-a-year to wear what might look a bit silly-looking on our day to day basis, BUT, in all honesty... I actually deep down dream-melt-aspire to flaunt around in it... My choice this year? ... I saw this Cheap and Chip Moschino dress and my cheeks instantly blushed while my eyes protruded little cartoonish hearts... I love it, and the sight of pairing it up with these majestic Jimmy Choo Kani Swarovski crystal-embellished satin and suede sandals just gives me the redbull-jitters. To finish it off, nothing better than some breath-taking Dannijo glitz, the earrings, darling Phillipas (DANNIJO / Phillipa - Delicate Pairings - Bridal) and the necklace, the amazing Viktor (DANNIJO / Viktor - Delicate Pairings - Bridal)... Now, CANDY CORN TIME!


Eagle Love

Beyonce has been spotted everywhere with it and so has Blake Lively, Lanvin's majestic creation. It has also been on the cover of Vogue China and Vogue Germany causing an eagle uproar in the fashion world... Thanks to its heat zara (as it usually does) came out with it's own version of a rhinestone eagle necklace / crystal eagle necklace, in person however, it's not that hot... Shourouk also came up with an eagle accessory, a cute colorful eagle cuff... Mimi-licious now also offers an eagle necklace of its own and a matching ring to go with it!! Enjoy xoxo


Party up in here!

Theres a party up in here!... and its your turn too join
Sunglasses coming soon! CAN'T WAIT!
Also, answering too all your emails,
if you'r looking for a human skull statue check out D&L!



    Its funny how many non-designer brands have imitated Philip Lim's reintegration of the POW-  
    trendsetting if you will.  The first of these imitators that I can think of is LF stores and how they
    created that cheap imitation of the pow sweater in their last collection with pink letters outlined as
    well by a black contour. Anyhow, here you have the master and his original masterpiece... Also we
    musn't forget, Mark Lupfer and how he made a breathetaking statement by marketing his Ka-Pow
    sweater on the right top corner by having idols such as Chiara Ferragni walk about being snapshotted
    in it. Angel Jackson also gave birth to this amazing POW satchel, pow handbag, whatever you want
    to call it. OH bless the great mindss...Now, Mimi-Licious online shop also has
    this amazing Pow and Beads necklace in Black and Beige, GET IT!.. POW-WAAAM. peace


Instagram take-over

Inspiration has become a click and a scroll thanks to our favorite app... 
We've gotta keep up with our tech-savy world,
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Tops are up and ready...
Melting C Tops, Melting letter tops, Melting chanel like tops,
WHATEVER you want to call them.
You might have seen those cheap (gross) printed versions out there in black and white
with ugly straight drips etc.
No my ladies, no printing here. Top quality cloth appliques.
And well of course, our beloved skull versions as well.
What are you waiting for?